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Products designed for use in any phase or growing cycle in order to prepare the plant before suffering stress and help recovery after having suffered adverse weather conditions or various stress situations such as transplants, vegetative delays, frosts, nutritional deficiencies, etc.


The power of AMINO ACIDS

When undergoing situations of stress, a boost of amino acids can optimise the metabolic processes of the plant, preventing these processes from being interrupted due to abiotic stress.

But not all amino acids are the same. Here at HAF, we only work with plant-based L-amino acids because they are 100% assimilable by the plant without any additional effort.

Among their many benefits, the most note-worthy are they increase the efficiency of protein synthesis; they increase resistance to the effects of high and low temperatures; they increase chlorophyll that favours photosynthesis; the improvement of nutrient absorption. All of these are important key components in a successful harvest.

No two crops are the same, and two neighbouring plots of land can yield very different results depending on the levels and types of stress they are exposed to.  Choose a product with the appropriate concentration of amino acids and micronutrients to boost your crops’ resistance to abiotic stress.

Haf® ALFA 30%

Haf® ALFA 30% is an anti-stress biostimulant with a complete, balanced formula that contains a heavy dose of free L-amino acids, organic matter, zinc and manganese, which help crops overcome the stress caused by diseases, transplantation and pesticide use.

Help your crops

Wide range of anti-stress products to help your crops. These are formulations based mainly on amino acids together with other synergistic organic matter. These products can be used at any stage or cycle of cultivation with the main purpose of preparing the plant before it is exposed to stress, helping it to recover after adverse weather conditions or various stress situations such as transplants, vegetative delays, etc.

In addition, we have enhancers are products designed to improve the physical properties of all types of products. Thanks to its use, we manage to optimize the pH of the application broths, making sure that they are in the optimal pH range for their assimilation by the plant. In addition, they also act on the physical properties of the drops, increasing the contact surface of the drop with the sheet, thus favouring its assimilation, and increasing the wetting capacity of the applied products, that is, making the drop can remain in place for longer. the sheet.

The ideal environment


Like people, plants need to be developed in an environment that provides them with the best conditions. Unfortunately, nature is unpredictable, and achieving an ideal environment in the countryside is one of the toughest challenges that farmers face.

A drought, frost or heat wave can lead to the premature end of a crop, and thus to the loss of the crop harvest.

Naturally, plants are protected from these elements by holding water in their cellular colloid, resulting in greater resistance to cold, heat or lack of water. However, climate conditions are becoming more and more extreme, and crops need our help.

More POWER, BETTER results

Foliar application of fertilizers can be inefficient. A part of the product is lost due to weather conditions and poor adherence to the leaves. Our solutions respond to this need with their enhancing action of treatments:

  • Increases the solubility of the rest products in the dissolution
  • Improves adherence of the treatment to the leaves
  • Enhances absorption through the cuticle of the leaves
  • Stimulates absorption through the cell wall• Facilitates translocation within the plant
  • Increases the effectiveness of the rest products, allowing to reduce their dosage until 30%

If you have any questions about our products, protocols or applications, please contact us.


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