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The new generation of certified ORGANIC products from HAF will provide agricultural producers with an exclusive solution of excellent eco-certified quality.



Our new generation of certified ORGANIC products is born as a result of:
• The new regulatory requirements in relation to agri-food production
• Our experience in the fertilizer sector
• A team of professionals dedicated to the research and development of new formulations that do not harm the environment

The ORGANIC range stands out for its three strengths:

• An exhaustive quality control is carried out, both to the raw materials and to each of the manufactured batches
• They are RESIDUE-FREE products, which guarantees harvests free of phytosanitary residues, thus meeting the requirements of large supermarkets and supermarkets.
• It is designed to comply with current national and international ecological regulations.


Haf® PROTOP is the most effective self-defense inducer that can be used in organic farming to activate, in a completely natural way, the crop’s own protection mechanisms to defend itself against a wide range of pathogens.

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